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I MOVED TO: lipsticksandlabels.com

Hello to all of my followers. Thank you so much for following me on lipsticksandlabels.wordpress.com! I have moved to lipsticksandlabels.com and hope you can still follow me by subscribing through email. I am so grateful to all of you who have liked and commented to my posts and want to stay connected with you. Please subscribe and dont forget to follow me on twitter! Thanks guys hope to hear from you soon!

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Red Carpet Grade: Catherine Zeta Jones at Red 2 Premiere


B- Am I the only who feels a little confused about this look? It’s not awful but it’s not the best. She of course looks radiant, as always her hair and makeup are flawless but the dress itself would’ve looked a lot better if it was just short instead of short to long. She could have done a better shoe too. I expect a lot more from Catherine Zeta Jones. What do you think?

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Red Carpet Grade: Salma Hayek at Grown Ups 2 Premiere


B+  Salma Hayek is 46, yes 46! And she looks this great! She rarely misses it on the red carpet and that was no exception at the Grown Ups 2 movie premiere in NYC last night. Very chic and very classy. I wish she could’ve done a colored/ more fun shoe but the ensemble still works. Well done. What’d you guys think?

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