About Me

My name is Lorena Gardner. I am a beauty product hoarder and fashion label enthusiast. I’ve always had a love for anything beauty related ever since the first time I watched my mother put on her makeup, I had no idea that makeup could really transform your face. My love for fashion began either the first time I saw Hollywood stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars or ever since I picked up my first Vogue, I cant remember which came first but they were both definitely defining moments for me. I thought I would grow out of loving these things the older I got but it turns out that my love only grew deeper… I should write a love song about it right? But seriously, I started this blog to express my feelings, thoughts, and ideas about these two passions of mine. I hope you enjoy my “essays” and if you hate them thanks for at least taking time to read my awful writings. Alright enough about me, let me get back to writing about the more important stuff.


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